Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For Some Many Reason I'm Not Feeling Well Today…

Last night I can’t sleep and my head is spinning like a ROLLERCOASTER. I don’t even remember sleeping and today I’ve to face the consequences…

My stomach is pounding and grounding since morning. My body temperature is unstable nothing is right at this moment. I just want to lie down and rest my POOR BOILING eyes…

Half of my soul is flying, don’t even know where it went, maybe going home to find my comfy bed with the aircond on. Just picture me in the centre of the bed, cozy with the thick comforter and all the pillows around…

Now is 5:50PM… I still have 10 minutes more… my eyes is getting smaller… I think I should pack my thing and wait at the PUNCH CARD machine…

YES I will do that…

Why People Get Sleepy After Meal???

People usually wonder why they feel sleepy after meal especially after lunch hour. We will struggle to stay awake behind our desk and hope our officemate or our superior will not notice it. We will get 10 times lazier which we already are early in the morning.

As the staff we do not want this as a habit or some people may call it non healthy rituals to continue and it will jeopardize our carrier to some extend.

Some people think that after a meal the blood from organs and muscles are diverted to the stomach so it can digest the food you just ate. Thus, why you feel so relaxed after eating and why you feel sleepy.

Our sugar levels play a part in a person feeling exhausted. Like how diabetics feel faint when their blood sugars are low and that why certain foods get broken down in your body they turn into sugar. When you have sugar in your system you eventually have the mystical “sugar crash”. Some sugars are worse than others and will lead to an even larger sugar crash. Refined sugars are the bad sugars or non healthy sugars. These are sugars that do not naturally occur in nature and even though they give you a boost of energy, they will eventually make you tired and that is why you feel sleepy. Some people misunderstand the concept of sugar and by consuming soda, junk food and beverage they thought it will help them to energize.

Natural sugars, such as those found in apples and other fruits are best if you’re looking for an energy boost and no sugar crash. Sugars are energy, but it’s the type of energy you put in your body that determines how you feel.

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Gossip Girl.

Every girl’s dream of fancy cocktail dress and jimmy’s shoes to match. A high prestige social life is a big time bonus for us. Shopping everyday, hangout with friends in 5 stars lounge, big house, big cars and expensive heart melting jewelry. Life seems so perfect when money is involved. You can catch all that in Gossip Girl, TV series. It started with a popular book series written by Cecily von Ziegesar.

Featuring ten regular speaking roles in elite Upper East Side social scene, Gossip Girl gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City and the prestige social life.

1.Blair Waldorf
Blair Cornelia Waldorf is slender girl with brilliant blue eyes and a fox-like face. She is involved in extracurricular activities and social events. She is a hopeless romantic and has a sensitive side that contrasts her tendency to be bitchy and controlling. She is vain, although her friendship with it-girl Serena van der Woodsen causes her to be insecure at times. Blair always uses her charm, money and social status to get what she wants. She is portrayed by Leighton Meester.

2. Serena van der Woodsen
Serena is slim and ethereally beautiful. A girl who hardly works to her full potential, however her personality is usually as well regarded as her physical attributes. Like her time to time-best friend Blair Waldorf, she and her family are prominent in New York society. Despite the attention she receives from the opposite sex, Serena longs for true romance. Serena is often criticized by her classmates who find her an excellent source of gossip, but resent her effortless good looks and her ability to get the attention of any male. She is portrayed by Blake Lively.

3. Nate Archibald
Nate is a wealthy, good-looking lacrosse player from St. Jude's school. He has dated a number of girls including Serena van der Woodsen, Jenny Humphrey, L'Wren from L'Ecole and Tawny from the Hamptons, but his only serious relationship has been with his on and off girlfriend, Blair Waldorf which in the end doesn’t workout. He is portrayed by Chace Crawford.

4. Dan Humphrey
Dan is a sensitive, caffeine-addicted writer who often sees the negative side in life. He is over-analytic, judgmental and easily frustrated guy. He once dated Serena van der Woodsen for two years when they finally settled that they have nothing in commend except physical intimate attraction. He has a close relationship with his sister, Jenny and his father Rufus. He is portrayed by Penn Badgley

5. Jenny Humphrey
Jenny is the youngest of the Gossip Girl characters. An aspiring artist and holds a secret desire to be a model like Serena van der Woodsen. She often tries to fit in with the rich girls at her school, even though she does not hold a place in their social sphere. She often goes on wild and embarrassing escapades to set an image for herself. She is portrayed by Taylor Momsen.

6. Chuck Bass
Chuck is a handsome, lust-driven antagonist. He is largely despised by other characters but never ostracized due to his wealth and power. Chuck walks on the wild side of life and is not above abusing others to service his own needs. He is a perfect match made from hell for Blair. Both refused say the three little words and end up hurting each other; however they both surely can agree in one thing, they love to play games and make other peoples suffer. He is portrayed by Ed Westwick.

7. Vanessa Abrams
Vanessa is a budding filmmaker. She has a shaky relationship with Dan Humphrey. She also trying to build intimate relationship with Nate Archibald but keep on caught up in the Upper East Side social scene and drama. She is portrayed by Jessica Szohr.

8. Rufus Humphrey
Rufus is a former rock star father turned art gallery owner. Rufus is struggling to reconcile with his estranged wife and also has a secret history with Serena's mother, socialite Lily van der Woodsen. He tried to build up his carrier as a rock star to get his mind set and focus. He is portrayed by Matthew Settle.

9. Lily van der Woodsen
The multiple-divorced, ex-ballerina, and socialite mother of Serena and Eric van der Woodsen, Lillian has a colored history as a former groupie of Rufus. She is married to Bart Bass. Her similarity to Serena can especially be seen when she cries and is unable to make any decisions, both of which are behaviors commonly seen in her daughter. It is revealed she was also institutionalized at 19 much like her son Eric. It was later revealed that it was not because of a suicide attempt, but because she was pregnant with Rufus's child.

10. Erik van der Woodsen
Serena's younger brother. Was hospitalized after trying to commit suicide. Erik is a very sensitive quite boy. Fragile character but yet sometime very wise in decision and often asked for advice by others. Experience a few episode of drama in confessing his sexual interest by being gay to his family and friend. He is portrayed by Connor Paolo.

Wealth and power can change people in a blink of an eye. No matter what you do, how much money and power you have, it doesn’t matter because they will never escape from the true reality of life. Wealth and power can never buy love or it can never turn back time.

XOXO I know you love me…


Life is a characteristic of organisms that exhibit certain biological processes such as chemical reactions or other events that results in a transformation. Living organisms are capable of growth and reproduction, some can communicate and many can adapt to their environment through changes originating internally. A physical characteristic of life is that it feeds on negative entropy. In more detail, according to physicists such as John Bernal, Erwin Schrödinger, Eugene Wigner, and John Avery, life is a member of the class of phenomena which are open or continuous systems able to decrease their internal entropy at the expense of substances or free energy taken in from the environment and subsequently rejected in a degraded form.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

All I ever wanted is in you:
Love, laughter, a pillow for my fears.
I want to give and to be given to
So I might feel myself flow through the years
Alive in you, the wonder of my tears.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm new here

Don't really know what to say. just trying..